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Tree stumps provide ideal nesting sites for many species of termites. Stumps must always be suspected in searching for termites. Stumps must always be guessed in searching for termites colonies. When left in the ground they provide the termites with food, and there's usually adequate moisture in the soil.

Where possible, the stump should be eliminated and the residue material and soil treated with an insecticide for termite soil barrier treatments.



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When the stump is abandoned and it contains subterranean termites or is to be guarded from forming a nesting site, the ground within the root crown region and the main roots might be treated with a dirt barrier insecticide. Finally, a trench around the base of the stump is medicated.

Railway sleepers are very popular in the landscaping of gardens. These supply thought conditions for a termite colony to establish. Within five to ten years following the sleepers have been laid, assault on homes have been traced back to the sleepers.



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Pre-treatment on the inside of the wall of the sleepers involves placing a chemical soil barrier. Treatment of existing attack where the sleepers are still sound is done in a similar manner, even though an additional insecticide is coerced between the individual sleeps.  If the soil immediately inside the sleepers is interrupted that the protective barrier has to be re applied. .

Arboreal nests constructed by termites on the trunks or massive branches of trees require treatment in certain situations. Sometimes these nests are found at considerable heights above the ground.



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The nests have ground contact and attack lumber in the ground at some distance in the colony, and for this reason they're considered here as subterranean. These termites often pick degenerating trees, by the time the colony is big the tree is already dead.

Eradication involves removing there ground contact by treating the soil at the base of the shrub and extending it into the root crown. This isolates them in the tree, in which the nest dies slowly. Arboreal nests can be treated by one of the following:



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Nest inaccessible - Where the nest is at a great elevation and removal of the nest is tough and requires a top climber:1 Treat the root crown of this tree by probing and flooding it with insecticide.2 Trench around the base of the tree and treat the soil by injecting or flooding ensuring that the replaced soil is also wetted to maintain the treated barrier. .

Nest accessible - Where the nest is at a low and available degree:1 Physically next page remove the colony from the tree and allow it to fall2 Normally at the point of attachment there are holes leading towards the centre of the branch or trunk and then downwards. Using a spray lance, flood insecticide, into the holes.

One of the most common queries we get here in The Pest Guys is: How on earth do I get rid of white ants Well, first things first, white ants are really termites (its a common misconception, dont worry), and secondly, you get straight on the phone to The Pest Guys! .



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What do you mean white ants are really termites we hear you ask. The expression white ant is merely another name given to termites, so they're actually the same insect! The name stems from the creamy white colour of the ant and the pesky critters similar appearance to the ants we more commonly see or come into contact with. .

While termites, or white ants, and ants may seem similar at a glance, thanks to their size and similar body shape, its surprising to note that these two insects arent even closely associated! Termites are now more closely related to cockroaches than ants.

Our damaging white ant houseguests have three subtle, yet distinguishable traits that will help you to differentiate between a gently colored ant and a white ant:

Waist Size: Termites have a thicker, broader body with no distinguishable waist, while ants have a lot skinnier waist.



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Antennae Shape: Termites antennae are straight and brief, when compared with an ants which are longer and have a clear bend.

Wing Size: While both termites and ants have two sets of wings, there is a subtle difference in size; the two pairs of these termites wings are exactly the same size, whilst each pair of ants wings really are a different dimension.

So how do you know if your humble abode has drawn white ants There can be many signs that white ants have made a home in your home, such as:

For an in depth look at what signs you should keep an eye out for at your property, check out our Nine Signs You Have Termites blog.

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